GSI Software is an authorized dealer for Counterpoin®t Software by Syncronics®. Counterpoint is a reliable business management software for your retail, wholesale, or mail-order operation that combines all of the capabilities you need into one easy-to-use package. With plenty of options, CounterPoint is ready to expand when you are. And with full support for a broad range of operating environments, CounterPoint works with whatever platform you do.

We sell and support Goldmine Contact Management Software. Award-winning GoldMine® and GoldMine® Corporate Edition are flexible, but powerful, business and customer relationship management solutions that can help you improve sales processes and shorten sales cycles by untangling disorganized contact information, correcting inefficiencies, and automating time-consuming administrative tasks so you can focus on building your client relationships.

OmniRush®: The Server for Marketing, Communication and Fulfillment.
A tool to sell, support, notify, and ship. For Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix, GoldMine, and all Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. Powerful fax, print, email, voice, Airborne, FedEx and UPS job processing.

Comprehensive solution for protecting your network, with anti-virus and firewall protection.

BrightStor Backup and V2i Protector:
Comprehensive backup for servers and desktops using tape based or disk based solutions.